Advocacy gives the lake a voice

Project:  Advocacy

Initiated:  April 2016

Team Leader:  Dave Simcox

FLM is building relationships with policy makers and influencers to ensure Lake Monroe is getting the attention it deserves from the state and local community. We interface with our state lawmakers and agencies, local governmental bodies and regulators, as well as with business groups in the area. We also work with statewide conservation, environmental, and public opinion influencing groups.

What We’ve Accomplished:


In 2019, we worked with the state and local government to protect Lake Monroe from storm water runoff threats at construction sites. Sediment runoff is a major threat to the sustainability of the lake.f 2019.


In 2018 and 2019, we actively engaged with the Hoosier National Forest which proposes to log, burn, and build roads in a section of the Lake Monroe watershed near the South Fork of Salt Creek. We provided background materials for public policy makers to comment on the threat this project proposes to the drinking water supply for more than 120,000 residents.


We have engaged with several important business groups about the sustainability of Lake Monroe and its importance to the local economy. We have received very positive support from these groups.


In June 2019, we recommended to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources that the forests in the Lake Monroe watershed receive special recognition and actions. Read our comment letter to the 2020 Forest Action Plan.


We have developed a working relationship with the non-partisan League of Women Voters of Bloomington and Monroe County to place special emphasis on Lake Monroe. They have provided community outreach support since mid-2018.

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