October 2021 Newsletter

Join us in the Brick Room Gallery (107 N. College Ave.) on Friday, November 5th, between 5 and 8pm to celebrate our 5th anniversary!

Friends of Lake Monroe has teamed up with three area artists to create “The Art of Water,” a water-themed art show featuring oil paintings by Dawn Adams and photography from Jeff Danielson and Kriste Lindberg.  The November 5 reception will also feature light refreshments and a display about FLM’s watershed management plan.

Can’t make it on November 5th?  Come by any Friday in November between 5:00 and 8:00pm.

Dawn Adams received a BA from DePauw University, and an MFA in painting from IU, Bloomington.  Collaborating with her husband, Dale, in fused glass they developed a unique body of work.  In their 30 years as professional artists, they created pieces that hang internationally, across the U.S., and in public venues including 7 hospitals.  Dawn returned to painting exclusively in 2010 and chose the subject of water for its versatility and soothing imagery. Her work can be seen at DawnAdamsPaintings.com.

Jeff Danielson has pursued nature photography full-time since selling his business of 25 years, the Runcible Spoon. His work has sold nationally, but his focus is on making people aware of what our local area has to offer. As he says, “We don’t have a Grand Canyon, but we do have moments that rival anything anywhere.” Jeff (and often his kayak, Stumpy) are out getting nature photos all week, every week of the year. The best place to get an overview of his work is ‘Jeff Danielson’s browncountyphoto’ page on Facebook.

Kriste Lindberg developed an interest in photography while creating educational materials for the conservation of natural resources. She has been employed by the City of Bloomington since 1999, when she helped to develop Leonard Springs Nature Park, and is currently a stormwater education specialist. She enjoys photographing water – in all its forms – and the wildlife it sustains

🔨 The Joy of FLM! 🔧

Many of you have become FLM members or have made a donation.  Wouldn’t you enjoy being a closer part of the group?

You have seen news about FLM’s activities in these newsletters.

  • Watershed tours with talks by experts.
  • Participation in scientific water sampling.
  • Shoreline cleanups.
  • Kayaking explorations.
  • Public education at schools and civic events.
  • Designing a Watershed Management Plan — concrete measures that will be implemented as the first comprehensive, permanent effort to protect the future of Lake Monroe’s water.

In addition to participating in these programs, you can have fun working alongside your FLM colleagues to make them happen!  Add your inspiration, your contacts, and your expertise.  FLM’s activities are limited only by the imagination of its members!

FLM’s volunteer coordinator, Keith Bobay, is waiting to hear from you at volunteer@friendsoflakemonroe!

 Here Are Specific Opportunities We Have Now.

Development: Get involved in FLM’s fundraising, recruiting new members, public communications, and events.  If you’re interested, drop Mary Madore a line at membership@friendsoflakemonroe.org.

Governance: Put your head together with FLM colleagues on the organization’s strategy, leadership, accountability, and transparency.  If you’re interested, drop Carolyn Waldron a line here.

Finance: Know your way around an income statement?  FLM’s invaluable Treasurer, Richard Harris, would love to have your help.  Send him an email message here.

Programs: Brainstorm with FLM’s Founder and President, Sherry Mitchell-Bruker, on new ideas for programs in science, tracking legislation, etc.  Drop the prez a line here.

In the Meantime, Share Your Enjoyment of the Lake!

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Lake Monroe Watershed
Tour Highlights
October 2, 2021 

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Lake Monroe Watershed Tour on Saturday, October 2!  We had a great time despite a little bit of rain.

Because the watershed is so large (440 square miles), we focused on North Fork Salt Creek, which drains 40% of the watershed.  Starting in Bloomington from point no. 1 on the map above, we skipped stops 6 and 7 and finished with stop 8.

Here are the highlights.

•    Stillwater Marsh – stop no. 2: We stopped at the observation platform on McGowan Road.  It’s open year-round and is a great place to observe ducks, herons, cranes, bald eagles, woodpeckers, and a wide variety of songbirds, especially in the fall and spring.  We encountered volunteers at work preparing the duck blinds before the wetland is flooded for the winter later this month.

•    Yellowwood Lake – stop no. 3: We learned how the 2006 Yellowwood Lake watershed management plan identified a sediment problem, leading to dredging of 5.8 million cubic feet of sediment from the lake.

•    Nashville Sewage Treatment Plant – stop no. 4: The plant’s staff explained what happens with the water that is flushed down toilets and drains every day.

•    Brown County Fairgrounds – stop no. 5: During lunch we learned that thousands of homes in Brown County are not connected to a sewer system and instead rely on septic systems.  When septic systems fail, they release nutrients and bacteria into nearby streams that feed into Lake Monroe. The Brown County Regional Sewer District is exploring options for ensuring that homeowners’ septic systems are functioning properly.  FLM is applying for grant funds to assist homeowners in maintaining their septic tanks.

•    Stone Head Nature Preserve – stop no. 8: The frogs were singing merrily as we learned about the Stone Head Conservancy’s work in maintaining a diversity of habitat types — open wetlands, meadows, forests, and stream corridors.

Ready to take your own tour?  We have identified 13 sites in the watershed where you can learn more about Lake Monroe and its tributaries.  Many thanks to Amanda Duba for creating an illustrated watershed map and brochure, which you can find here:


From Maggie Sullivan, Watershed Coordinator 

Volunteers Participate in
Shoreline Cleanup


Bet Savich (not shown in the photo) along with volunteers Chris Parks, Sophie Reynolds (center), Ella Martin, and Pokey, FLM’s cleanup mascot (right front), participated in FLM’s monthly shoreline cleanup on September 16th at the Paynetown State Recreation Area on Lake Monroe.

FLM has adopted the Paynetown SRA through the DNR Adopt-A-Shoreline program, and conducts a monthly cleanup to help rid the area of unsightly and environmentally damaging trash from the shoreline and nearby areas.

Not only is the trash visually disturbing, but it can degrade water quality when it enters the lake, particularly plastics, that break down into micro-particles that have been found in water supplies around the globe.

To date, FLM volunteers have eliminated hundreds of pounds of trash from Lake Monroe shorelines.

FLM and Pokey thank all our volunteers, and everyone who picks up trash when they visit the lake. And to people who litter at the lake, or anywhere else, Pokey says, “My paws can’t pick it up, what’s your excuse?”

Interested volunteers can sign up for any future events on the FLM webpage at https://friendsoflakemonroe.org/events/.

Date for the next shoreline cleanup:

  • Sunday November 14, 2 pm

FLM Membership and Donations:
Here’s How

To Become a Member

Memberships are available at several levels.

  • K-5 Elementary Student: $5.
  • Grade 6-12 Student: $10.
  • Individual adult: $25.
  • Family: $45.
  • Supporting: $100.
  • Sustaining: $250.

You can sign up on FLM’s website here: https://friendsoflakemonroe.org/membership/.

To Donate

For those interested in financially supporting FLM’s work, the website also has a page for donations, here: https://friendsoflakemonroe.org/donate/.

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